Risk management

Risk management is the process of identifying risks that may harm your business, then taking steps to avoid or reduce them

Whilst it can be studied and considered as an independent discipline, good practice dictates that risk management should always be incorporated as an integral aspect of the corporate insurance programme.

The brokers knowledge and expertise is vital when surveying and analysing the risks a company faces. We will develop with you a strategy to deal with risks we have identified, in particular adopting management controls that reduce risks, using insurance or using alternative risk transfer mechanisms, eg improvements to contract terms, waivers or employee performance-related incentives.

Risk management surveys will result in a report which is particular to your business, analyses working practices, highlights potential problems and enables you to make informed decisions as to how you can best minimise risk.

Robertson-Mcisaac will report on fire and theft hazard, computer data recovery and disaster recovery, suggesting individual risk measures. We can also assess risks to employees and to the public from processes, contracts and products and advise upon Health and Safety compliance issues.

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