Private Client Services

For select private clients we offer the full range of personal insurances
Over the years more and more of our clients have asked us to help with their personal insurances which, almost without exception, are inadequately arranged.

For busy people who want maximum insurance with minimum restrictions we provide exceptional levels of cover in one policy with a single renewal date regardless how many properties or cars are owned, combining motor, home and contents in one policy with one premium and one renewal date.

Every home is unique. Your home may be ancient or listed, modern or minimalist, a penthouse apartment or a country estate. You may have family heirlooms or just a few select pieces of modern art collected over the years. You may have some very special jewellery or some high value sporting equipment, fine art on the walls, luxury cars on the drive, vintage wines in your cellar. You perhaps have property overseas as well. You need a bespoke insurance programme to reflect your lifestyle requirements in a way that no standard house and contents policy can hope to do.

We provide exceptional cover for jewellery and valuable contents with Worldwide All Risks insurance cover and arrange specialist valuations where required.

We insure all your cars in one policy, from the family run around to a Cobra. The concept of Agreed Value fixes the value of your car for the one year policy term irrespective of its trade value. If your car is stolen or damaged beyond repair our policies pay 100% of this sum without deductions. Our policies provide automatic fully comprehensive cover when you or any other named driver on your policy drives any borrowed or hired vehicle and when non-family members drive any of your insured cars.

We match your insurance solutions to your way of life.

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